Flash and Shockwave Game Reviews

We have been pumping out game reviews for a variety of online platforms a year now. Most reviews are for graphic Flash based games but we also review non-graphic text based games. Currently we are starting to deliver mobile content in addition to the more traditional online content.

Genres we cover:

Tower Defense – This is a fairly new genre to the online community and it is exploding in popularity thanks to a handful of brilliant Flash developers. A quick look at Google Trends will tell you how far TD games have come in the last 2 years.

Strategy games – Most games that incorporate in depth resource management are alright in my book. I would love to see online economy sims start to gain steam.

RPGs – Potentially one of the better genres but it is hard to find something with decent character development. I think various action genres bleed into roleplaying games too much if you ask my opinion. The one action genre I would be happy to see in this area is FPS but that is an unrealistic expectation for the online arena. (at least for the time being)

Puzzle – A few years ago I used to be addicted to chess. I played a minimum of 2 hours per day and considered playing in competitive tournaments. I still love the game but for the time being I need to allocate too much time to web development to fit in my desired chess time. I always appreciate a good puzzle.

Text Adventure – Interactive fiction can be highly engaging. The text based Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Zork and The Oregon Trail are all brilliantly conceived games. I also used to read a lot of Choose your own Adventure books. (to the dismay of my teachers)

FPS – As implied previously first person shooters are the generally the only action games I care to play. I find Golden Eye and the Halo series particularly gripping. Yes, we do occasionally venture into the console world.

Tick Based Games – We don’t have a lot of reviews on this genre mainly because a single tick based game like Utopia can consume months if not years of time. It is a respectable genre so we may look into it a little more in the coming year.

MUDs – This is another respectable genre but in most cases I would prefer to play a good text adventure. The main reason is most MUDs seem to have crappy user interfaces. It usually takes a while to learn the controls. I wonder if any have a comprehensive action library with the option to customize hot keys.

Another great alternative to World of Warcraft or any other RPG would be a very high populated online RPG game called, Runescape. Runescape is a massive multiplayer online role playing game ran by Jagex and started in the year of 2001. Runescape currently has an extravagant amount of users/members that plays daily. Due to this, there’s a lot of communication between the players which can be a great thing when playing the game. Runescape has improved tremendously since they have started from the graphics, communication and by making the game more fun! If you haven’t played Runescape at all yet, then you have no idea to the fun you have been missing out in so far already.

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