Best games for boys this Christmas in 2022

You know it’s the time of year when teenage boys are in need of a present for Christmas. You can go down the traditional route and give them their favourite thing, or you could try something different.

Let’s take a look at some ideas for teenage boys this Christmas – all of which are more suitable than Santa!

A video game console

It doesn’t have to be an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 either. A gaming laptop is another great gift idea for teenage boys, providing they’re into PC games. Or if your son loves to play on his phone then you could get him an Xbox or PS4 controller case with a matching headset.

If he likes retro consoles then why not buy him a Sega Mega Drive? They’ll love playing these on Christmas day. If he prefers modern titles then he’ll appreciate having a Nintendo Switch in his hands.

An electric guitar

Teenage boys who like music will love receiving a new electric guitar as a gift for Christmas. An acoustic guitar will also make a great choice for the budding musician in your life. They don’t have to spend much money on a guitar though. There are many budget-friendly gift options for boys available online that won’t break the bank.


The smell of cologne is one of those things we associate most with teenage boys. It’s what they wear to school and to hang out with their friends. They’ll feel special getting a bottle of perfume from you this Christmas, but they might not want a full-blown body spray or aftershave.

Try giving them a mini bottle of cologne first to see if they like it before buying them a bigger bottle. They may not be able to afford an expensive brand, so check out some cheap designer brands instead.


Some teenage boys don’t wear socks because they prefer bare feet, or perhaps they’ve been told by their parents they should always keep their feet warm. Whatever reason they have for not wearing socks, they’ll be delighted to receive a pair for Christmas. You can choose from men’s or women’s styles depending on your son’s preference.

A pair of comfortable slippers would also make a great present, especially if they’re prone to cold feet during winter months.


Your teenage boy needs plenty of shirts throughout the year. He’s going to school in every colour imaginable, and he probably has a few work T-shirts too. So why not treat him to a new shirt for Christmas? You could get him a plain white tee or a colourful design printed on a t-shirt. It’s better to get him something branded, as opposed to a generic name.

Another option is to get him a hoodie. Hoodies are becoming increasingly popular among teenagers and college students alike, so your son will certainly love receiving one.


Teenage boys often wear shorts even in the winter months, since they don’t have to wear long trousers. That means your son has a lot of shorts to choose from, whether they’re jeans shorts, corduroys, tracksuit bottoms or swim trunks.

He might already have several pairs of shorts, but you can still find some good deals on shorty shorts. They’re usually cheaper than other items on this list, and they’re ideal for summer holidays.


There’s nothing worse than having to go through your teenage son’s underwear drawer looking for the clean ones. They’re likely to be overflowing with dirty briefs and boxers, which makes finding the right pair of undies difficult. Your son might not mind spending a little extra cash on underwear that looks nice, or he might want to save up for a decent pair of boxer briefs and jock straps.

If you’re in doubt about what type of underwear he actually wears, ask him directly. Even if he says he only owns black cotton boxers, it’s worth checking his drawers to make sure.

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