5 Reasons Why Business WIFI Can Generate Loyal Customer

The one thing businesses such as cafes have been able to use as a strategy to pull customers is free WIFI. People troop in daily, buy a cup of coffee and snacks then flip open their laptops and get to work. Most people do not miss a day without going to these café’s. Some spend long hours sitting and occasionally making more purchases.  This is a strategy that not only helps to bring in new customers but helps to retain the old ones.

The internet is a trend and most people either work online or manage lots of social media accounts. This means that the average adult spends at least 6 hours or more on the internet every day. Being able to market your business requires first finding a need. Since most people have a need for the internet then giving them free access in exchange for information would certainly allow you gain more ground and your customer database is sure to increase exponentially.

There have been a lot of controversies on the usefulness on business WIFI as the advantages can also become a disadvantage. It would definitely cost extra to maintain, and it might keep the wrong demographic of people coming, that is, people you are less likely to gain patronage from, depending on the kind of business you run. Asides this, the concept of having a free WIFI for incoming clients certainly shows a level of sophistication and professionalism. Here are 5 interesting reasons why business WIFI is a good idea;

  • Branding

A Wireless Wi-Fi carrying the company name can easily be sniffed out by devices that are at close range. In the minutest way, it shows off the brand and gets people curious as to what services the company offers. This would bring a number of potential clients.

  • Helps to collect information

Often time companies try to gather information about their customers and feedbacks from them on certain goods and services. This usually is done by bulk mail or printed materials which of course costs more. While some businesses use signups on their official website this still requires pulling enough traffic to the website. The usefulness of a business WIFI is that it can be tweaked to make customers fill out certain information or accept terms and conditions before getting access. This is a most efficient way to collect adequate customer data and feedback.

By setting up a WIFI access point you can gather analytical data on customer behavior which would better enable you make business decisions

  • Business WIFI is addictive

Everyone loves freebies and if they have to spend hours sitting down on one spot then so be it! According to a local business report 71% of customers spend close to 2 hours after completing business transaction, to enjoy the free WIFI. The advantage to this is that it has also created a boost is sales as it gives customers more look-around time which inadvertently leads to extra purchases. In businesses where there is a lounge for customers it breeds customer loyalty as this would be quickly populated as more and more people make it their work place.

  • Great customer service

One thing people remember faster than anything else is good or bad service. There is a certain level of emotion that is retained in an experience related with service. When you go to a fancy restaurant with a great scenery, cozy environment, and awesome food but the waitress was rude, what you remember in a few weeks time is that the place has a rude waitress. This is common human behavior.

Customers may not remember what they had purchased from your company but they will remember the free WIFI. This fashion out a trend that would quickly spreads and more people are likely to patronize your business.

  • It is a great marketing tool

One thing that has kept people occupied and people simply cannot get enough of is the internet. With the increase in online engagements, social media and lifestyle, more and more people spend most of their day surfing the net. This of course has a financial implication. A business WIFI solves a basic customer need. Any company that is looking to attract more customers, retain customers, increase engagement with customers by collecting valuable data that can be used to reach out to them via newsletters and the likes, can definitely achieve that with the use of a business WIFI.

Business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking to run a successful business that is market based and needs an effective marketing strategy can key into the idea of a business WIFI. It is one of the quickest ways to not only get customers to come around but also to have them do your marketing for you.