Best Ways To Get Quality Followers On Social Network

When it comes to social networking, your followers are the tyres of your car, holding it up, supporting it, moving you and your business, in whatever directing you steer, they literally follow. That being said, there’s very little you can do without having quality followers and in large numbers too. Here are a few strategies to get quality followers in social networks:

  • Great Content

    The first most important rule in getting quality followers on social network is by captivating them with your content. If you are able to stop them each time they come across your post and hold their attention to it that surely means you’ve got some relevant content. You must know what they want to see, this can be achieved by monitoring the reactions in your previous posts and observing what posts or type of posts got more reaction, with that, you can make a mental note of what kinds of content are considered relevant.

  • Create a Balance

    It is important to place a balance between sharing other people’s posts and creating your own posts, you must try as much as you can to be original; this requires thoughtfulness and creativity on your part and will likely place you rewardingly in the category of the influencers. Posting shared contents once in a while removes the narcissist tag people may have placed on you seeing that you never share other people’s post. You also need to strike a balance between hard posts (seriousness) and soft posts (mood lighteners). Always strike a balance to avoid being stereotyped or too predictable.

  • Tag influencers

These influencers are more like the opinion leaders who have got a massive number of followers. Tagging them will increase the chances of your post being seen by a larger number of people. You are also making your post relevant by rubbing off their own relevance.

  • Add links

    Increase people’s ability to connect with you on other platforms and social media account, including your email, always provide these other accounts to broaden your online presence and gain more active followers.

  • Be active

    It is not just okay to post and share posts and disappear, you have to responsive and very quick about it; respond to people’s comments on your posts, answer their questions and  create interesting threads of conversation if they start one up. Overall, be like a 24 hours online customer service; never leave your followers unattended to and bee timely about it. What you need is a list of active people so when you get more active, like giving incentives and holding contests for liking and following your page or for participating in your request, you will be drawing the attention of other active people which will in turn increase the number of quality followers on your account.

  • Use relevant hash tags

    Use relevant hash tags that are trending so as to give importance to your post and have it surface when the hash tag is mentioned. This will increase the visibility of your post and the chances of you getting followed by more people.

  • Be trendy

    You might have very interesting content but there are numerous people out there who will mostly stop to look at a post that’s in line with what’s trending as they also wouldn’t like to drag behind. So it’s important that you know what’s trending at the moment and align your contents with it.

  • Be consistent

    If you do all of the above but you aren’t consistent, you do not keep it coming, and you may easily make an impression for the moment but will fizzle out in no time or be easily forgotten as long as you are away. You need to post constantly, make people look out for your posts. You need to continuously be trendy, strike a balance and be active, never stop or slow down, and I bet you, it’s a sure-fire way of keeping you followers and even non-followers at the edges of their seat waiting on something from you.

  • Buy active followers

    This is a sort of investment on your part, this is because when you buy real active followers, your outcome just doesn’t end in the immediately increased number of the followers by purchase but it leaves a bigger room for other non-followers to naturally follow you on the long run as well. So, this in my opinion is a great final move to getting quality followers on your social network.