Great Initiatives On How To Develop Customer Service And Retention In The Tech Industry

The tech industy is a whole new world on its own, famous for housing numerous digital geeks and business tycoons who continuously struggle to keep their customers and grow a gigantic image in the market. The issue with the techies is that they are better at handling gadgets than their customers and this is because, the digital world comprises of online customer service and support in form of FAQ pages, online forums, review threads, and automated chat bots and while these are readily available like the real human to human customer service, the automated answers may not be all that customers are looking for, neither are the information on the online forums and FAQS sufficient in some cases, leaving customers wanting more than they are getting.

Customers always come first in every business, and companies who understand this never leave their customers wanting in the volatile tech industy, this awareness is very beneficial when acted upon, both on short term and long term events. The main motive for customer service is to offer support to customers which will in turn generate loyalty over time. Nobody wants to work so hard to set up a company and gain customers only to lose them to other competitors.In view of this, there are fewhelpful and practical ideas that tech companies can use in improving their customer service and retention in the tech industy.

  • Guarantee privacy and security of information 

When customers are having their online transaction, there is always a reasonable doubt about their privacy due to the numerous online hackers that are ready to steal and manipulate their information. It is therefore the duty of tech companies to ensure that their customer’s information is totally secure and that data is encrypted. This can be assured by installing SSL certificates for websites. Obviously, a customer who is sure of the privacy of information he/she is letting out to a tech company will strengthen his trust for further business transactions with the same company than going to share information afresh with a new tech company, this ensures trust, continuity and retention of customers.

  • Be visible and accessible on multiple platforms 

customers like to know that the tech companies they are patronizing are available and reachable on multiple social media platform, it gives them the assurance and rest of mind, this is most especially so if those social media platforms are very active and responsive. This can be ensured by posting frequently, responding to comments questions and enquiries in a very elaborate and timely manner and boosting your online presence, using photos to captivate customer’s interest and generally have a lot of stuffs going on with your social media platform. Do not neglect the use of emails and links to your website in order to achieve a well-rounded presence online.

  • Have an active customer service department 

your customer service department should be well grounded on customer service skills, even if it requires providing them with the tools and training that will help them to deliver better and more professional customer service. Another aspect of their activeness should lie on their availability; they should always be readily available on ground all round the clock. They should be responsive to customers even at late night. The trick to handling the late night availability is to hire freelancers in different time zones who are well grounded about the company and about customer service and can respond to customers at any time of the day from where they are, which will rather translate to a night time service from where the customers are communicating. This extra devotion will be valued by the customer who will less likely have worries about switching to the services of another tech company.

  • Using customer service software

this technology goes beyond just using customer service bots and automated messages, or even websites where customers answer their own questions, this is a way of maximizing the use of technology to provide adequate and excellent customer service in the tech industy. By making use of data-gathering software for data management and analytics; with these you can collect customers’ data and analyse their preferences. These collected data can also give you several insights for targeting your marketing effectively.