Now You Can Delete All Tweets With Following Methods

Are you wondering why anyone would want to delete all their tweets? Isn’t expressing your views and sharing them with the whole world the reason for the existence of social media sites like Twitter, you might ask. Sure it is. But then there’s this one tiny, little problem – our tongues don’t have a bone. How often has it happened that you ended up with your foot in the mouth? While you are not in the virtual world, it is difficult to take back what you said but as regards what you say on Twitter, it can be easily removed from public memory and save you from any further embarrassment. Just think about it. You took a sick leave from office to watch the FIFA world cup and ended up tweeting all through the match. I am sure there would be someone among your followers who would be working that day and will be unable to digest your happiness and make sure you land up in trouble. Wouldn’t you like it if you could delete all your tweets in such a situation? Having established the necessity of deleting all your tweets sometimes, let’s look at a few services which let you do just that:

  • TwitWipe

As the name suggests, is a website that lets you wipe out all your tweets in a flash. You just need to log in using your Twitter credentials in the website and confirm that you want to delete all your tweets and your job is done. All your tweets, retweets, and favorites will vanish. However, there is a minor technicality involved here. Twitter only shows 3200 tweets in your timeline. The number of tweets will be as many as you have tweeted but your followers will be able to access only the last 3200 tweets by you. This means that when you use TwitWipe to delete your tweets, the recent 3200 tweets will get deleted. What about the earlier ones, will they resurface, you ask. Twitter doesn’t guarantee that they will. Still, if they do, you can use TwitWipe again! For all the tablet and mobile buffs, TwitWipe doesn’t have an app yet, but you can use the website on your phone/tab browser and it works just fine.

Here’s the site:

  • TweetDelete

This is another one of those services that allow you to delete your tweets in bulk. But this one offers a little more custom options. Here you can set an age limit for your tweets. If you the kind of person who was a devout environmentalist a couple of years back and since the past few months have become a full corporate slave, so to speak, then this is the site for you. You can choose to delete all tweets older than, say, two years and still keep your recent tweets so as not to disappear completely off Twitter. However, once you set an age for your tweets, this site will make sure that every tweet that gets older than that age will automatically get deleted. So, you might want to re-set your age limit or de-activate this service once your job is done. The 3200 tweet thing mentioned earlier is applicable for this site too.

Here’s the site:

  • Tweeticide

Not only is this app’s name quite cute but it is also a tad bit different than the ones mentioned above. As you might have guessed it, this is an application available on the Apple Store. It claims to provide the same service – that of deleting all your tweets – however, it hasn’t received enough ratings on the app store. Moreover, it is a paid app. There is another app called TweetCleaner by the same developers that provides a similar service and the best part is that it is cheaper as compared to Tweeticide.

Here are the download links:



For android users, there is this app called DELETE TWEETS: DLTTR (link: ) that allows you to delete all available tweets. It is free of cost and the app has received some good reviews too. However, I would still suggest that if you can use your phone/tab’s browser to delete all your tweets (using the first two services and many others like and and the list goes on and on), then better go for it instead of these apps as the websites are used by thousands everyday and they have a complaint or feedback mechanism in place, if any issues might crop up.

In the end, just think it through before you hit the ‘confirm delete’ button while using any of these services. Don’t do it in a fit of anger or emotion as there is no way to recover those precious tweets of yours. Think once before you tweet, think twice before you delete is the mantra! Happy Tweeting!