Essential Digital Marketing Tools Smbs And Startups Cannot Do Without

Small businesses play an important role in the economy. They are the smallest unit of exchange which has the potential to develop into a mega corporation. The ability of small businesses and startups to thrive in the digital world of today depends on the adoption of necessary tools and technology that would enable effective management, accountability, monitoring and evaluation. This can be done right, with the use of digital marketing.

SMBs and startups are everywhere, majority of them make it through the first two years while some don’t. This is essentially due to their lack of knowledge of effective digital marketing. Every business owner strives to makes sales but it is necessary to look at the broader picture when planning a business sales strategy. Sustainability and effective management is the keyword.

Digital marketing is the ally of every SMB and startup that has grown into numerous outlets. It is the system by which the brand speaks for itself. There are so many digital marketing tools that are used in today’s SMBs and startup; here are a few;

  • Hootsuite

This is a very popular tool, widely used by businesses across the globe. This tool takes digital marketing a step further by helping you manage all your social media accounts, all at the same time. It is a perfect SEO tool which brings together all your work under one canopy. It is highly recommended for every business.

  • Canva

Advertising your business requires very engaging content with simple graphics, creative info graphs and various designs to catch attention. This free tool helps you customize your own advert in form of graphic design and it comes in a wide variety of styles to enable you bring in that creativity. It is easy to use and has hundreds of layouts and templates.

  • Google Analytics

Having an online presence is not enough. There are so many websites out there that offer similar services so it’s always a competition. How do you stay competitive? First you must have first hand data on how your website is doing, in order to know what sorts of campaign is required. There is a need to know how much traffic you are bringing into your site from social media, SEO and other forms of adverts. Google analytics takes the bull by the horn by providing in-depth analysis on the dynamics of traffic on your website. As a matter of fact, Google analytics should be the first tool to install on your website and it will give you any form on information you need on your business, these would be useful in decision making.

  • Keyword planner

Planning an SEO strategy is necessary to gain priority in search engines. The problem with keywords is that they have been over-used. The metrics built on keywords determine if it’s a good idea to invest in. this tool helps to generate viable keywords that are highly competitive. This is a solid tool for digital marketing.

  • Buzzsumo

This tool always comes in handy when you need information on trending topics and most widely shared content. When you search for a particular keyword it gives you all the latest trending social media posts in relation to this topic, its gives you an idea of what is trending and competitive advantage for your business.

  • Boomerang

An important part of digital marketing is email marketing. This tool is a plug-in for your Gmail account and it functions include; scheduling outgoing mails, managing email account, monitors email campaigns and integrates with your social media accounts.

  • SEMrush

This is a necessary tool for SMBs. If you have a website and would like to create the best SEO strategy, this tool would help you research on your competitors, find out what keywords  they are using and it suggests better keywords that would enable you gain priority on search engines.

  • Socioboard

There are so many social media platforms! Have you ever thought about the stress of managing all of them individually? It is time consuming and a rigorous task. Thanks to this tool, you wouldn’t have to worry about that anymore. This tool is an open-source management tool that integrates all your social media platforms into one control channel where you can easily manage all at the same time.

  • Wistia

This tool provides video hosting services. It basically allows users to optimize marketing strategy by creating videos that seek to enlighten and to build brand awareness.

  • SimilarWeb

Every business would like to be at the top of the chain, with this tool you can view the statistics on where your business stands and where your competitors are. It enables you to compare site ranking and engagement strategies. These are key metrics needed to run an effective digital marketing strategy.