Tips On How To Improve Your Home Wifi For The Best Gaming Experience

What is the most annoying thing about the internet? I think I speak for most people when I say “weak signals” it’s a nightmare! Imagine trying to watch a video, download a file or for gaming, and the Wi-Fi signals are ridiculously low… what you get is anger management sessions. Most times it’s usually easier to get reception by moving closer to your wireless router as distance is always a factor.

Every router has an optimal range of coverage in which wireless signals can be received, this varies with distance and displacement. Signals may drop around corners or through walls and doors. Another great influence is the presence of interfering signals in a highly populated area. Frequencies from other electronic devices and wireless networks may also hinder the efficiency of your home Wi-Fi. A good tip to getting the best from your Wi-Fi is to go for devices which are compatible with your WIFI network.

Another factor to consider as to the efficiency of your gaming WIFI is the number of users connected to your network. If your system doesn’t have a security code, it would be helpful to secure it, in order not to have intruders leeching on your network. If you are unsure about how many devices that may be connected to your network, you can check out your administrator interface on your router to confirm the number of connected devices.

Home gaming, using a standard router offers the best experience, pending on your connection. There are quite a number of reasons why your signals might dwindle; thankfully, we have a few tips on how to make it work;

  • Go for the latest WIFI Systems

There have been lots of changes and new innovations to WIFI hardware and there is a major difference between those that were produced two years ago and those in the market for this year. It is necessary to update your WIFI systems especially for heavy tasks such as gaming, video streaming and the likes. A wireless mesh network system is most advised for the best results.

  • Router update

Often times what you need to get a better signal is to update your router’s firmware. This can greatly boost performance and is quite easy to do. If your router is a current model then the update option is conveniently placed In the administration interface so all you have to do it push a button to update, but if your router model is a bit of a throwback you may have to log into the routers manufacturer’s site to download the firmware. The firmware should be updated as often as needed for quality performance

  • Position and mounting

A lot of people like to hide their routers away from prying visitors who may always want to come around once they discover you have a home WIFI. Your home literally becomes their work place. This is not a good reason to lock your router away in a shelf because you would not be able to enjoy its full potential is such enclosure.  Make sure the router is strategically placed at the center of the house so that all areas around the house can receive full coverage; also consider elevation, as it also plays a key role. Some people may mount the device on high ground using its mounting perforations. This helps coverage as well.

  • Best wireless channels

Interference’s are unavoidable when your close door neighbors are using heavy electronics and devices which interfere with your signals. An often time you may even ignorantly place your router near an electronic hereby losing the quality of your channel, but this is the great thing with wireless routers. You can operate on an array of channels so you can switch to a more favorable channel using tools such as WIFI-analyzer to pinpoint the exact location where signals are perfect.

  • Prioritize bandwidth

If you live in a home where everyone appears to be online always, video streaming, sending large files, using large apps and you can’t seem to get some bandwidth to yourself, you can activate QoS (quality of service) on your router.  This ensures that your activities take priority over other.