Work Ethics – Things That Should Not Be Seen On Your Work Computer

Many times, in various kinds of job, the contents of the employee’s work computer are a measure of his/her devoutness and hard work to the job. Your work computer should necessarily contain your work and not peripherals, as a silent rule, an employee is expected to dedicate his entire time to the job during work hours and nothing else, not even your computer storage should say otherwise. Here is a list of things you should never store on your work computer:

  • Personal documents

    The gap between your personal documents and your office work should be kept sacredly wide, this is because you wouldn’t want personal stuff to intermingle with your office work, truth be told, if you were an employer that wouldn’t put a smile on your face. It can have more repercussions in the future than you can imagine. First, as a sign of regards to your job and your employer it is best to keep personal things in your personal laptop as that isn’t what you’re being paid for at work. Any signs of personal stuffs in your work computer can be considered very unprofessional and downright disrespectful to the job. Keeping away personal documents will also make your computer less likely to be jam-packed with things you won’t need at work and this will in turn ensure that your work computer is faster and has a lot of storage space. Consider also, the fact that your life is going to be bared out as soon as you are fired and still have a ton of personal documents, photos, videos on your work computer that you wouldn’t be given the chance to delete at the point of lay off.

  • Obscene materials

Whether it is your personal files in form of nude photos and videos or it is a random pornographic material off the internet, having the above point in mind, this one is almost as bad as a capital offence, the effect when discovered is alarming and it is downright intolerable. Apart from you doing or keeping something besides your work, your image as an employee is prone to be rubbed in mud and you will be considered a top-class pervert for the records, now, that is something irredeemable added to that little sack letter.

  • Anything that reveals your side job

It is very likely that most jobs already have their own competitors in the market place, a business threat, but you, dear employee, are not supposed to be the competitor, the threat. It is wise not to make your employer jealous, you don’t have to rub your devotion to some other job on their faces by having it right there in your work computer. Keep both hustle from intermingling and make them feel both individually important, hey, it kind of sounds like double dating right? Wrong. This is your career, you get paid for it and most people in your personal life will be proud to hear of it, don’t mess it up.

  • Addictive computer activities

Some days at work you feel that urge to quickly and harmlessly look through your personal social media account and see how many people commented on that charming little photo you posted last night, I tell you, your mind is working against you, it’s a set up dear employee, don’t do it! This is particularly for those addicted to their social media.

You are going to log on to Facebook thinking you’ve got one spare minute for it and then you’ll end up taking up a couple of hours, watching those tempting humorous video clips or checking out your crush’s throwback pictures. I repeat, don’t!  If you are a computer games freak, it’s good you have an innocent little means of escape, I’m proud of you, but you know what? Not right there sweetheart, you’re at work for Pete’s sakes! Video games are one of the world’s biggest addiction, you don’t want to need to cross that challenging level in your computer game and be caught in a dilemma of losing all you’ve worked for, both in the virtual world and in your real world, watch out for your boss, better still, don’t just have those damn games on your work computer!

  • Secrets

I know you may be thinking these are company secrets so they are acceptable on your work computer, right? You’ve never been more wrong. Imagine if your employer or superior comes across them on your work computer, don’t think they’ll be proud you have them, they’ll probably first think ‘if we can stumble across these, then so can anyone else’. This can lead to security breach, identity theft and fraud if they get into the wrong hands. It’s best not to leave secrets vulnerable to exposure to anyone else, people can snoop, information can get out and you wouldn’t want to be the one to make that a reality. In addition, if you must store your own personal secrets, then it should stay on your personal laptop.