Useful Tools And Apps That Can Give Your Small Business A Boost

In my years of watching small businesses spring up I have come to realize certain things, one of which is, most small businesses that thrive and end up becoming great businesses with a large inflow of income are owned by entrepreneurs who have been able to effectively harness the knowledge and power of modern technology and social media tools. There are thousands of new and small scale businesses some of which may not stand the test of time and some of which have the potentials to become the next big thing.

In order for your business to thrive there are certain modifications that you need to make. It is no news that the internet is the most powerful force in this generation and it hoards deep secrets to successes of businesses which is soon to be unraveled.  To effectively run your small business and make profit, here are some necessary tools and apps that you might find useful;

  • PandaDoc

Documentation is a vital part of every business; it can come in a wide variety of format ranging from legal documents to certifications. In all, there is a lot of paperwork to be done and keeping up with all the formalities of contract documentation can be quite tasking. This is where the PandaDoc comes to the rescue. This tool is a platform used in managing large number of documents by digitalizing the process, making it easy to sieve through and work with. You can download this app online from the official website.

  • 15five

Some companies and NGOs require regular reporting on field activities and as the number of staffs grow it becomes difficult to manage reporting processes leading to a lot of work spill over and oversight. What you need is an app that enables you to manage team reports, enables your team to whip up easy and convenient reports regularly and have fun while doing it. 15five app does exactly that. It provides a means of getting reports from your team in an efficient manner; this would save you a lot of time and hassle.

  • ClickMeeting

The best way to grow your customers is by offering a live interactive session with some of them to provide adequate one-on-one information on your services. This would definitely make your business stand out. The ClickMeeting offers interactive video sessions with clients in form of a webinar to create a well integrated customer relationship platform which clients would definitely subscribe to.

  • FreshBooks

small businesses often handles a lot of financial transactions and without the aid of a certified accountant it may be quite difficult to balance financial records, leading to very complicated cash books with figures that don’t quite add up. This confusion can easily be avoided with the FreshBook app. What does it do? It is simple accounting software which is connected with the cloud so that you don’t lose any financial data. It is easy to use and can take care of all your little financial records and the best part is, you don’t have to be good at math to understand it.

  • Slack

Communication and effective collaboration is the bedrock of every organization. The ability to work together on projects and to maintain good communication to clarify instructions and to disperse relevant information at the appropriate time, with this in mind, slack app is the best tool for this level of communication. It is user friendly and works well for all forms of businesses.

  • Kajabi

Does your business come with tutorials? Do you lecture online on a particular subject matter? This tool is the most efficient way for you to manage your lecturing video tutorials and make good money off it. This app provides professionals with a platform to market their skills on video and sell them as digital products.

  • Mailchimp

Every business needs a good marketing strategy and one of the best marketing strategies for small businesses is email marketing. Email marketing involves sending a promotional mail to a large number of people at the same time, oh yes its perfectly legal. You can use mail chimp to advertise by sending newsletters and promos to a large number of potential clients.