Cool Hidden Tricks You Don’t Know Your Iphone Can Do

It is no news that the iphone is one of the most popular phones worldwide with crazy intricacies which can take a while to figure out and get used to. The Apple Company makes sure of that, and even when you think you have your phone all figured out and you can’t possibly have more to learn, it can still surprise you once in a while. You can imagine the look on some people’s faces when they figure out a cool new trick on their Apple device that they never knew.

“I have had this phone for a year and a half, am just figuring out this was possible! It’s like living with a stranger”

Here are some tips to rediscovering your iphone that you may not know;

  • Fixed focal point

One of the great things about the iphone is the camera quality. It is simply magnificent and that is really one of the reasons I would go for an iphone but while taking a quick picture one would need to tap the screen to get a focus, this is a bit of a time waster and moving your phone around while trying to get a clear focus certainly would not work. here is how to tackle that bit of a glitch, instead of a tap, rather hold on to the screen for about two seconds till you see an “AF Locked” pop-up, this automatically locks the screen focus and you can get a clear shot of anything you point your camera at.

  • Correcting Name pronunciations

Leaving the task to a virtual Brit to pronounce very complex non-English names might be a bit of a bugger, this would definitely add awkward humor and flavors to once serious names, but alas! There is a way to correct this Atrocity. When the virtual audio helper “Siri” pronounces a name wrongly, you can follow-up by saying “that’s not the correct pronunciation for; whatever the name was” this would prompt Siri to ask for a correction. This would ensure that the correct accent is used.

  • Save data consumption by locking apps

Not everyone knows this but your apps actually consume a large amount of data by just being accessible. The thing is that these apps constantly roam and tend to update themselves as well when there are new versions available. All these cut into your data and you keep asking yourself “did I download something while sleepwalking?” you can lock those apps you don’t frequently use and this would save you valuable data.

  • Charge your battery twice faster with a button push

There is one word teenagers who own phones do not like to hear, excuse me for the vulgar word, “flight mode.” There, I said it! As absolutely repulsive and disturbing as this word might sound, it can save you a lot of charging time. With one push of the button you can set your phone to flight mode and this would take out all communications, a complete lock down. No WIFI and all that, calm down it’s just for a few minutes. Your phone would charge up twice as fast and you are back to 100% in no time.

  • Customize incoming call vibrations

We are all fond of creating different ring tones for our contacts but what it our phones were on silent? Wouldn’t it be nice to have customized vibrations too? Well now you can! Simply choose a contact, click edit, go to vibration options and choose a customized one or even create a new vibration for yourself. This is probably more discreet as well.

  • Find better network signals by searching in the right place

Network fluctuations can be such a pain, especially when you are watching a video of a cute cat on the internet. Most people attempt to get better signal by climbing higher or going all the way to the top floor. You can do better on your iphone, simply dial *3001#12345#* on your iphone to switch to a field mode tool which provides you with a chart on network indicators. This indicator is based on numbers. You can then move your phone around to find out what space has the best number readings for better signals.

  • Hard reset

Some iphones can be reset by holding down the home button but not all iphones, specifically for iphone 7 which is a special case. If you have experienced this as well simply hold down the power button and the volume at the same time. It should automatically reset and normalize.

  • Customized an automated reply for missed calls

Missed calls are inevitable and can sometimes be a missed opportunity especially when the president is calling, but good news, you can customize a message to let people know you would get back to them soonest. Click settings> phone> and respond with a text, create your message and save.