What Tools Do I Need To Develop Android Apps

Modern technology has taken over the market with efficient tool and software that make life easier. Its crazy how there seems to be an app for everything these days, thanks to the efforts of highly innovative developers from every part of the world.

Creating android apps can be quite tasking and time consuming especially when you are not equipped with certain snippets of technology that can make your work seamless. Here is a comprehensive list of must-have tools for developing android apps;

  • Instabug

Getting feedback on the performance of an android app can help its developer to know how efficient the app has been and how user friendly it is. People would either write a feedback or share pictures or screen shots of glitches or successes they may have had from the download process to actual navigation and usage. This tool helps by embedding a feedback platform in your app to give users an easy way to provide feedback.

  • Source Tree

This tool is quite useful for beginners who are still a bit overwhelmed with the dynamics of Git. It gives you a clean slate and enables you visualize your work in a way more presentable format.

  • Genymotion

This tool started out as just an android emulator and stood out as the best. Today its functions transcend the duties of a regular android emulator. It runs a complete sequence as an advanced android app developer. It also conducts testing and deployment of apps.

  • Android Wi-Fi ADB

The sole advantage of this tool is wireless testing and operations. You can test run your app on your device with this tool to get the real feel of it using Wi-Fi. This beats having to connect with a computer using cables.

  • Drawable Optimizer

Size matters when it comes to developing apps. This app generally contributes to the management of file size by reducing the sizes of images used. It can do this and still retain the quality of these images and that’s what makes it an indispensable tool.

  • NimbleDroid

An auto test is always necessary after the development of an android app. This would ensure that there are no critical issues or operational and navigational problems that may be encountered by users. NimbleDroid is one of the best tools for this auto checkup.

  • Android Tool for Mac

This tool works with Mac systems for android app development. It provides bug reports in form of screen shots and video recordings of debug apps.

  • DevKnox

When developing an android app there is a need to ensure that all security measures is put in place against flaws. A dent in the security system can be disastrous when the app is out in the market. This tool carefully does an autocorrect on any loop holes and security gaps that may have been overlooked.

  • Fabric

A lot of people already use fabric as their preferred tool for android app development. It is quite popular and efficient; it offers tools which simplifies the process of app building.

  • Apk DeGuard

The reputation of this tool is quite impressive as it is widely used and stands as one of the best de-obfuscator for android app. It manages and analyses features in various apps to figure out their operations and how certain features work. It does this by inspecting codes and predicting libraries.

  • Flowup

Looking for a way to track the performance of your android app? This tool can provide you with much depth on the analytics and metrics such as disk usage, FPS, CPU usage and others which are key to determine functionality.

  • LeakCanary

The name speaks for itself in relation to detection of memory leak. This tool makes detection seamless and quick.

  • DryRun

This is another really useful tool for testing out an android app online. It is efficient and runs no risk.

  • Slide Code Highlighter

This would come in handy at a geek presentation where codes are shown-off and gazed at with admiration. This tool simply provides aesthetics to codes for technology talks and lectures, it is often found to be more professional in looks.

With these tools you are sure to have the best experience in building android apps. Try them out and see.