Windows Tools Every Social Media Marketer Should Have

Social engagement in the world of today is the ultimate strategy to getting popularity for your business. The exponential growth in the use of social media worldwide gives evidence to the necessity of social media presence for every business. Most businesses that have become industry leaders today started out smaller and with the help of social media, were able to achieve greater heights

Social media today, has a wide market and there are also various platforms with their unique features such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, SnapChat, and lots more. Each one has its way of advertising but how on earth do you keep up with all of them? Having a social media account on all platform would only be effective if you had a strategy on how to manage all accounts to keep them fully active, functional and constantly throwing new content at potential clients. As a business owner you simply do your research on other great businesses and see how they handle their social media, and how they have stayed competitive for years.

Social media marketing is the best strategy for any online business and we will share with you, the tools to effectively market your business on windows.

  • Buffer

This tool is great for managing all your social media platforms. You can schedule posts, customize each post individually for various platforms, and it shares your content at the allotted time as often as you want. This tool is built to assist you in catching traffic with ease.

  • Sprout Special   

Social media marketers can monitor the amount of mentions from their clients and can engage with a large community online. This tool also provides reporting tools for strategizing and takes charge of outreach communications

  • MeetEdgar

Of all the tools that manage social media accounts and assist with scheduled posts, this is probably one of the best. Most tools are able to post your content at a scheduled time around the clock to enable potential clients view them when they are likely to be less-busy. The advantage to this tool is that it takes cognizance of posts which have the most likes and the most shared and puts a priority on them as high traffic content then it reposts them sequentially to rake in more traffic.

  • HootSuite

When handling multiple social media account as an individual or as a company, you need a trustworthy tool that takes care of all schedules seamlessly.  This tool is one of the best in the market. You can easily create accounts and assign each account to a manager; it also has a training platform where users can get better knowledge of the tool and also how to effectively handle social media marketing in its entirety.

  • Grammarly

Social media marketing requires creating a lot of content and sharing content across all social media platforms. There is a need to make sure that all content that goes public is well spelt without an error as this could be embarrassing and unprofessional. This tool can be installed on your Windows computer to enable you do a quick live check on your content before it goes public.

  • Typeform

Occasionally social media marketers use forms and online questionnaires to find out certain information from the general public. There are various tools that you could use in creating these forms, such as Google forms, and survey monkey but when it comes to aesthetics Typeform has an upper hand. It allows you create questionnaires, payment forms, and registration forms and so on. It is easy to use and works on all platforms including mobile devices.

  • Grytics

Everyone knows that facebook is one of the best platforms for social media marketing if not the best. However, with so many companies and individuals marketing in groups there is a need to know how well your campaign is doing in terms of people engagement, feedbacks, active members, view statistics, and numerous other insights that would enable you run your strategies better. This tool gives you just that and lots more when you upgrade subscriptions.

  • OneTab

Often times we leave so many tabs open on our computer because we need to always check for updates or do updates ourselves, this is very common at the work place. There is a simpler way to have all your tabs open without reducing the efficiency or speed of your computer. You can download these tools and install. It allows you upload all the tabs you would like to keep open at all times, that way it won’t have to stay open on your browser, you simple open OneTab ant there they are! You can add as many tabs as you would like and it stays open as just one tab, as its name implies a solid tool for marketing on all social media platforms.

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