Great Initiatives On How To Develop Customer Service And Retention In The Tech Industry

The tech industy is a whole new world on its own, famous for housing numerous digital geeks and business tycoons who continuously struggle to keep their customers and grow a gigantic image in the market. The issue with the techies is that they are better at handling gadgets than their customers and this is because, the digital world comprises of online customer service and support in form of FAQ pages, online forums, review threads, and automated chat bots and while these are readily available like the real human to human customer service, the automated answers may not be all that customers are looking for, neither are the information on the online forums and FAQS sufficient in some cases, leaving customers wanting more than they are getting.

Customers always come first in every business, and companies who understand this never leave their customers wanting in the volatile tech industy, this awareness is very beneficial when acted upon, both on short term and long term events. The main motive for customer service is to offer support to customers which will in turn generate loyalty over time. Nobody wants to work so hard to set up a company and gain customers only to lose them to other competitors.In view of this, there are fewhelpful and practical ideas that tech companies can use in improving their customer service and retention in the tech industy.

  • Guarantee privacy and security of information 

When customers are having their online transaction, there is always a reasonable doubt about their privacy due to the numerous online hackers that are ready to steal and manipulate their information. It is therefore the duty of tech companies to ensure that their customer’s information is totally secure and that data is encrypted. This can be assured by installing SSL certificates for websites. Obviously, a customer who is sure of the privacy of information he/she is letting out to a tech company will strengthen his trust for further business transactions with the same company than going to share information afresh with a new tech company, this ensures trust, continuity and retention of customers.

  • Be visible and accessible on multiple platforms 

customers like to know that the tech companies they are patronizing are available and reachable on multiple social media platform, it gives them the assurance and rest of mind, this is most especially so if those social media platforms are very active and responsive. This can be ensured by posting frequently, responding to comments questions and enquiries in a very elaborate and timely manner and boosting your online presence, using photos to captivate customer’s interest and generally have a lot of stuffs going on with your social media platform. Do not neglect the use of emails and links to your website in order to achieve a well-rounded presence online.

  • Have an active customer service department 

your customer service department should be well grounded on customer service skills, even if it requires providing them with the tools and training that will help them to deliver better and more professional customer service. Another aspect of their activeness should lie on their availability; they should always be readily available on ground all round the clock. They should be responsive to customers even at late night. The trick to handling the late night availability is to hire freelancers in different time zones who are well grounded about the company and about customer service and can respond to customers at any time of the day from where they are, which will rather translate to a night time service from where the customers are communicating. This extra devotion will be valued by the customer who will less likely have worries about switching to the services of another tech company.

  • Using customer service software

this technology goes beyond just using customer service bots and automated messages, or even websites where customers answer their own questions, this is a way of maximizing the use of technology to provide adequate and excellent customer service in the tech industy. By making use of data-gathering software for data management and analytics; with these you can collect customers’ data and analyse their preferences. These collected data can also give you several insights for targeting your marketing effectively.

5 Reasons Why Business WIFI Can Generate Loyal Customer

The one thing businesses such as cafes have been able to use as a strategy to pull customers is free WIFI. People troop in daily, buy a cup of coffee and snacks then flip open their laptops and get to work. Most people do not miss a day without going to these café’s. Some spend long hours sitting and occasionally making more purchases.  This is a strategy that not only helps to bring in new customers but helps to retain the old ones.

The internet is a trend and most people either work online or manage lots of social media accounts. This means that the average adult spends at least 6 hours or more on the internet every day. Being able to market your business requires first finding a need. Since most people have a need for the internet then giving them free access in exchange for information would certainly allow you gain more ground and your customer database is sure to increase exponentially.

There have been a lot of controversies on the usefulness on business WIFI as the advantages can also become a disadvantage. It would definitely cost extra to maintain, and it might keep the wrong demographic of people coming, that is, people you are less likely to gain patronage from, depending on the kind of business you run. Asides this, the concept of having a free WIFI for incoming clients certainly shows a level of sophistication and professionalism. Here are 5 interesting reasons why business WIFI is a good idea;

  • Branding

A Wireless Wi-Fi carrying the company name can easily be sniffed out by devices that are at close range. In the minutest way, it shows off the brand and gets people curious as to what services the company offers. This would bring a number of potential clients.

  • Helps to collect information

Often time companies try to gather information about their customers and feedbacks from them on certain goods and services. This usually is done by bulk mail or printed materials which of course costs more. While some businesses use signups on their official website this still requires pulling enough traffic to the website. The usefulness of a business WIFI is that it can be tweaked to make customers fill out certain information or accept terms and conditions before getting access. This is a most efficient way to collect adequate customer data and feedback.

By setting up a WIFI access point you can gather analytical data on customer behavior which would better enable you make business decisions

  • Business WIFI is addictive

Everyone loves freebies and if they have to spend hours sitting down on one spot then so be it! According to a local business report 71% of customers spend close to 2 hours after completing business transaction, to enjoy the free WIFI. The advantage to this is that it has also created a boost is sales as it gives customers more look-around time which inadvertently leads to extra purchases. In businesses where there is a lounge for customers it breeds customer loyalty as this would be quickly populated as more and more people make it their work place.

  • Great customer service

One thing people remember faster than anything else is good or bad service. There is a certain level of emotion that is retained in an experience related with service. When you go to a fancy restaurant with a great scenery, cozy environment, and awesome food but the waitress was rude, what you remember in a few weeks time is that the place has a rude waitress. This is common human behavior.

Customers may not remember what they had purchased from your company but they will remember the free WIFI. This fashion out a trend that would quickly spreads and more people are likely to patronize your business.

  • It is a great marketing tool

One thing that has kept people occupied and people simply cannot get enough of is the internet. With the increase in online engagements, social media and lifestyle, more and more people spend most of their day surfing the net. This of course has a financial implication. A business WIFI solves a basic customer need. Any company that is looking to attract more customers, retain customers, increase engagement with customers by collecting valuable data that can be used to reach out to them via newsletters and the likes, can definitely achieve that with the use of a business WIFI.

Business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking to run a successful business that is market based and needs an effective marketing strategy can key into the idea of a business WIFI. It is one of the quickest ways to not only get customers to come around but also to have them do your marketing for you.

Essential Things To Consider When Choosing Broadband

The internet is a major part of our daily lives. We seem to have every aspect of our lives intertwined with its services so we often find ourselves online. As long as there is a good internet connection, we are good to go. Owning your own broadband however, beats free Wi-Fi because you get to work at your own time and space or randomly surf the net on your own terms and with no adverts or distraction what so ever. This of course would require purchasing your own broadband with a service provider. In order to purchase a broadband it is necessary to do a little research on what exactly is obtainable in the market, what sort of packages are out there and how efficient are the broadband providers in your location. Here are a few things to help you choose a broadband provider;

  • Location of service provider

This is obviously the first thing to consider as your location determines a lot, If the signals are not so good, but the package is great then it’s really not very helpful is it? Often time’s companies throw in a lot of complimentary packages that seem too good to be true when their services are not so efficient in a particular location. Online reviews are often helpful in situation such as these.

  • The cost

There are lots of providers with a great disparity in cost of service. This depends on what suits your needs. The most expensive isn’t always the one with the best quality and the cheapest isn’t always the best choice. You can check for reviews and seek advice from users on the quality of the providers. If you use internet for work and very important tasks then it’s probably a good idea to forget the cost and go for the best quality. You will appreciate your choice on the long run.

  • Speed of connection

This is dependent on a number of factors but ultimately you would feel more fulfilled going for a fast connecting package than going for the most affordable as this can greatly affect your business.

  • Limits of download

This depends on your purpose and business dynamics. There would be no point going for small packages, if your job requires lots of downloads and streaming. To be on the safe side, an unlimited download would be most suitable.

  • Storage capacity

This is assuming you run a business that requires you to store a lot of information in the cloud, you would need to make sure you chose a suitable package that can handle the amount of data you need to store. A limited amount of cloud space would not be useful to you so this would need to be discussed with your service provider before taking a leap.

  • Internet security

This depends on the kind of business you run and the kind of data involved. Often times service providers offer extras such as firewalls, antispam and anti viruses which are moderate and efficient but you would have to make a choice. You can go with the offer or go for a high profile security system and leave nothing to chance. As we all know, cyber crimes such as hacking are at an all time high so this is something to consider.

  • Terms of contract

Some service providers are pretty good at their job and this means convincing people to hastily make a decision and when you find yourself in a long term contract with a bad service; it’s just not good for business. Some people usually take the shortest period for a start, and then when they like the service they can make a longer commitment.

  • Mobile connection

Most people use their tablets, iphone, smart phones and ipad for their businesses because they are always on the go, so it would be an added advantage if your service provider of choice had high speed mobile connections that would enable you connect from anywhere you are.

As we progressively attain new heights at work with the aid of the internet it is necessary to go for the best. As this would maintain efficiency and breed confidence in our partnerships.

Tips On How To Improve Your Home Wifi For The Best Gaming Experience

What is the most annoying thing about the internet? I think I speak for most people when I say “weak signals” it’s a nightmare! Imagine trying to watch a video, download a file or for gaming, and the Wi-Fi signals are ridiculously low… what you get is anger management sessions. Most times it’s usually easier to get reception by moving closer to your wireless router as distance is always a factor.

Every router has an optimal range of coverage in which wireless signals can be received, this varies with distance and displacement. Signals may drop around corners or through walls and doors. Another great influence is the presence of interfering signals in a highly populated area. Frequencies from other electronic devices and wireless networks may also hinder the efficiency of your home Wi-Fi. A good tip to getting the best from your Wi-Fi is to go for devices which are compatible with your WIFI network.

Another factor to consider as to the efficiency of your gaming WIFI is the number of users connected to your network. If your system doesn’t have a security code, it would be helpful to secure it, in order not to have intruders leeching on your network. If you are unsure about how many devices that may be connected to your network, you can check out your administrator interface on your router to confirm the number of connected devices.

Home gaming, using a standard router offers the best experience, pending on your connection. There are quite a number of reasons why your signals might dwindle; thankfully, we have a few tips on how to make it work;

  • Go for the latest WIFI Systems

There have been lots of changes and new innovations to WIFI hardware and there is a major difference between those that were produced two years ago and those in the market for this year. It is necessary to update your WIFI systems especially for heavy tasks such as gaming, video streaming and the likes. A wireless mesh network system is most advised for the best results.

  • Router update

Often times what you need to get a better signal is to update your router’s firmware. This can greatly boost performance and is quite easy to do. If your router is a current model then the update option is conveniently placed In the administration interface so all you have to do it push a button to update, but if your router model is a bit of a throwback you may have to log into the routers manufacturer’s site to download the firmware. The firmware should be updated as often as needed for quality performance

  • Position and mounting

A lot of people like to hide their routers away from prying visitors who may always want to come around once they discover you have a home WIFI. Your home literally becomes their work place. This is not a good reason to lock your router away in a shelf because you would not be able to enjoy its full potential is such enclosure.  Make sure the router is strategically placed at the center of the house so that all areas around the house can receive full coverage; also consider elevation, as it also plays a key role. Some people may mount the device on high ground using its mounting perforations. This helps coverage as well.

  • Best wireless channels

Interference’s are unavoidable when your close door neighbors are using heavy electronics and devices which interfere with your signals. An often time you may even ignorantly place your router near an electronic hereby losing the quality of your channel, but this is the great thing with wireless routers. You can operate on an array of channels so you can switch to a more favorable channel using tools such as WIFI-analyzer to pinpoint the exact location where signals are perfect.

  • Prioritize bandwidth

If you live in a home where everyone appears to be online always, video streaming, sending large files, using large apps and you can’t seem to get some bandwidth to yourself, you can activate QoS (quality of service) on your router.  This ensures that your activities take priority over other.

Essential Digital Marketing Tools Smbs And Startups Cannot Do Without

Small businesses play an important role in the economy. They are the smallest unit of exchange which has the potential to develop into a mega corporation. The ability of small businesses and startups to thrive in the digital world of today depends on the adoption of necessary tools and technology that would enable effective management, accountability, monitoring and evaluation. This can be done right, with the use of digital marketing.

SMBs and startups are everywhere, majority of them make it through the first two years while some don’t. This is essentially due to their lack of knowledge of effective digital marketing. Every business owner strives to makes sales but it is necessary to look at the broader picture when planning a business sales strategy. Sustainability and effective management is the keyword.

Digital marketing is the ally of every SMB and startup that has grown into numerous outlets. It is the system by which the brand speaks for itself. There are so many digital marketing tools that are used in today’s SMBs and startup; here are a few;

  • Hootsuite

This is a very popular tool, widely used by businesses across the globe. This tool takes digital marketing a step further by helping you manage all your social media accounts, all at the same time. It is a perfect SEO tool which brings together all your work under one canopy. It is highly recommended for every business.

  • Canva

Advertising your business requires very engaging content with simple graphics, creative info graphs and various designs to catch attention. This free tool helps you customize your own advert in form of graphic design and it comes in a wide variety of styles to enable you bring in that creativity. It is easy to use and has hundreds of layouts and templates.

  • Google Analytics

Having an online presence is not enough. There are so many websites out there that offer similar services so it’s always a competition. How do you stay competitive? First you must have first hand data on how your website is doing, in order to know what sorts of campaign is required. There is a need to know how much traffic you are bringing into your site from social media, SEO and other forms of adverts. Google analytics takes the bull by the horn by providing in-depth analysis on the dynamics of traffic on your website. As a matter of fact, Google analytics should be the first tool to install on your website and it will give you any form on information you need on your business, these would be useful in decision making.

  • Keyword planner

Planning an SEO strategy is necessary to gain priority in search engines. The problem with keywords is that they have been over-used. The metrics built on keywords determine if it’s a good idea to invest in. this tool helps to generate viable keywords that are highly competitive. This is a solid tool for digital marketing.

  • Buzzsumo

This tool always comes in handy when you need information on trending topics and most widely shared content. When you search for a particular keyword it gives you all the latest trending social media posts in relation to this topic, its gives you an idea of what is trending and competitive advantage for your business.

  • Boomerang

An important part of digital marketing is email marketing. This tool is a plug-in for your Gmail account and it functions include; scheduling outgoing mails, managing email account, monitors email campaigns and integrates with your social media accounts.

  • SEMrush

This is a necessary tool for SMBs. If you have a website and would like to create the best SEO strategy, this tool would help you research on your competitors, find out what keywords  they are using and it suggests better keywords that would enable you gain priority on search engines.

  • Socioboard

There are so many social media platforms! Have you ever thought about the stress of managing all of them individually? It is time consuming and a rigorous task. Thanks to this tool, you wouldn’t have to worry about that anymore. This tool is an open-source management tool that integrates all your social media platforms into one control channel where you can easily manage all at the same time.

  • Wistia

This tool provides video hosting services. It basically allows users to optimize marketing strategy by creating videos that seek to enlighten and to build brand awareness.

  • SimilarWeb

Every business would like to be at the top of the chain, with this tool you can view the statistics on where your business stands and where your competitors are. It enables you to compare site ranking and engagement strategies. These are key metrics needed to run an effective digital marketing strategy.

Windows Tools Every Social Media Marketer Should Have

Social engagement in the world of today is the ultimate strategy to getting popularity for your business. The exponential growth in the use of social media worldwide gives evidence to the necessity of social media presence for every business. Most businesses that have become industry leaders today started out smaller and with the help of social media, were able to achieve greater heights

Social media today, has a wide market and there are also various platforms with their unique features such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, SnapChat, and lots more. Each one has its way of advertising but how on earth do you keep up with all of them? Having a social media account on all platform would only be effective if you had a strategy on how to manage all accounts to keep them fully active, functional and constantly throwing new content at potential clients. As a business owner you simply do your research on other great businesses and see how they handle their social media, and how they have stayed competitive for years.

Social media marketing is the best strategy for any online business and we will share with you, the tools to effectively market your business on windows.

  • Buffer

This tool is great for managing all your social media platforms. You can schedule posts, customize each post individually for various platforms, and it shares your content at the allotted time as often as you want. This tool is built to assist you in catching traffic with ease.

  • Sprout Special   

Social media marketers can monitor the amount of mentions from their clients and can engage with a large community online. This tool also provides reporting tools for strategizing and takes charge of outreach communications

  • MeetEdgar

Of all the tools that manage social media accounts and assist with scheduled posts, this is probably one of the best. Most tools are able to post your content at a scheduled time around the clock to enable potential clients view them when they are likely to be less-busy. The advantage to this tool is that it takes cognizance of posts which have the most likes and the most shared and puts a priority on them as high traffic content then it reposts them sequentially to rake in more traffic.

  • HootSuite

When handling multiple social media account as an individual or as a company, you need a trustworthy tool that takes care of all schedules seamlessly.  This tool is one of the best in the market. You can easily create accounts and assign each account to a manager; it also has a training platform where users can get better knowledge of the tool and also how to effectively handle social media marketing in its entirety.

  • Grammarly

Social media marketing requires creating a lot of content and sharing content across all social media platforms. There is a need to make sure that all content that goes public is well spelt without an error as this could be embarrassing and unprofessional. This tool can be installed on your Windows computer to enable you do a quick live check on your content before it goes public.

  • Typeform

Occasionally social media marketers use forms and online questionnaires to find out certain information from the general public. There are various tools that you could use in creating these forms, such as Google forms, and survey monkey but when it comes to aesthetics Typeform has an upper hand. It allows you create questionnaires, payment forms, and registration forms and so on. It is easy to use and works on all platforms including mobile devices.

  • Grytics

Everyone knows that facebook is one of the best platforms for social media marketing if not the best. However, with so many companies and individuals marketing in groups there is a need to know how well your campaign is doing in terms of people engagement, feedbacks, active members, view statistics, and numerous other insights that would enable you run your strategies better. This tool gives you just that and lots more when you upgrade subscriptions.

  • OneTab

Often times we leave so many tabs open on our computer because we need to always check for updates or do updates ourselves, this is very common at the work place. There is a simpler way to have all your tabs open without reducing the efficiency or speed of your computer. You can download these tools and install. It allows you upload all the tabs you would like to keep open at all times, that way it won’t have to stay open on your browser, you simple open OneTab ant there they are! You can add as many tabs as you would like and it stays open as just one tab, as its name implies a solid tool for marketing on all social media platforms.

How Internet Of Things Trend Improves Business Operations For Smbs

The Internet of things (IoT) cuts across all services in the business market and stands a most valuable tool in the management and sustenance of business operations. As more and more businesses spring up each year, there is also an increase in IoT trends to meet the needs of these businesses. The effect of IoT will be felt more in subsequent years as opportunities for businesses continue to rise.

Big companies have greatly benefitted from adopting IoT solutions as they have enabled an increase in overall production, operations, management, and engagement with the public and better marketing strategies. Business as we know it has completely revolutionized and the key is all things internet related

Small remote businesses may have trouble stepping up into the vast and intricate world of Internet of Things as this would need to put in more time, buy more equipments, set up more tech based devices but in the long run these strategies would help preserve the business and ensure growth and expansion.

Major market statistics have shown that small businesses that have adopted IoT are able to reach a wider audience, run a smarter business campaign and strategy, work more efficiently, predict the future of their business and what necessary steps to take.

How necessary is IoT?

The internet is a global market and things are getting totally digital pretty soon. Most operations that usually needed a lot of human effort are now easily completed by just a few clicks and this is just the beginning. In years to come, we will witness a complete overhaul of business operations and those SMBs that are yet to adopt IoT may be left behind as other businesses become competitive and continue to soar. It is imperative to make comparisons, find out what businesses are doing differently in today’s market and find that edge that would keep your small business on the spotlight.

Let’s take a look at some IoT changes that small and medium businesses (SMBs) should make to stay ahead of competition;

  • Data security

Every business operates with data and they could either be operations or technical or staff data. The business world is highly evolving and there are cases of online hacking which occurs even when you have put up necessary control measures. The need to integrate security technology is unquestionable. The internet of things does a lot more that provide smart locks for data, businesses can also adopt CCTV system for the internal environment and biometrics on devices to ensure a complete security check.

  • Operation tools

What makes a company grow is its structure and working situation. Communication is the key to the success of every organization that is why at every level there has to be a structured means of communication and collaboration. This is a most profound improvement in technology that has brought a major change to the way we work. there are a vast number of operational tools used for collaborative work, scheduling appointments, managing social media, creating online presence, bulk emailing, creating questionnaires and forms that enables businesses get feed backs from the clients and general public. These trends set the pace for future engagements and to build a stronger communication channel and background that would serve for generations to come.

  • Artificial intelligence and smart technology

The growth of technology is a worldwide phenomenon. The aspect of work and operations are beginning to adopt a bit more automation and program algorithm. These trends aim at creating better security, better service to humans, and to deliver on every expectation without constant probing.  Businesses can save a lot of time, money and man power through the utilization of bots and smart gadgets in their businesses.

  • Cloud services

A business that has a steady source of internet would be highly disadvantaged to ignore the importance of cloud computing. Cloud computing gives you the ease of firstly gaining internet support remotely such as shared servers or virtual servers, without having to buy and install your own personal servers which is obviously a financial burden, and it also drives cloud computing which is another great way to store company data securely on the cloud where they can easily be accessed anywhere and at anytime. This would simply change the way small businesses operate for the better.

  • Payment Options

Running a small business can be a hassle when you don’t have all your operations figured out. One major part is the payment options. Physical currency is slowly becoming obsolete with the introduction of various digital payment options. Businesses can adopt methods that allow their clients to make card payments online through various channels from all parts of the world. The wider your payment options the more likely the patronage. These options are completely secure and it makes payments easy and fast.