High Tech Home Gadgets That You Would Love To Have

Technology is a part of our everyday life, they can come as tools to make our work easier and faster or they can come as aesthetics; just a wow factor to create a spectacle. Either ways, technology has given us so many options on how to live an exotic stress-free life.

If you are a techie person and cannot do without a bit of technology around you, there are so many ways you can make your home and your personal space a techie zone. You can embed a few awesome gadgets in any part of your environment to give it a touch of class and genius. Here are some gadgets to consider;

  • Smart switches by Celiane NETATMO

Have you ever left the house with a few electronics on, like your iron and a few light bulbs? There is a better way to manage your home appliances to ensure that you have complete control over them from anywhere you are. With this gadget you can switch of any unnecessary electrical appliance that may have been left running and also switch them on automatically when you get home, a futuristic step right at your fingertips. You can sync this gadget with your mobile device by means of an app; this gives you a complete view of all home appliances. This gadget integrates with Siri, Alexa and Google assistant.

  • The Eight Smart Mattress

There are a lot of things we usually have to deal with when we go to bed such as what posture is best and what temperature the room is and even what time we would like to wake up. All these can be taken care of by the Eight Smart Mattress. It provides a comfortable support for sleepers and provides warmth at night; it even wakes you at the appropriate time. It comes in three versions and two set of controls. The Smart Mattress also schools you on the importance of exercise and how caffeine affects you sleep, pretty cool right?

  • Levitating Smart Camera

Personally I’d say this isn’t too far from alien technology. This moon shaped, home monitoring camera defies gravity by floating in mid-air while capturing a 360 view of the environs. This smart camera detects movements and automatically begins filming; this automatically sends an alert to your Smartphone, giving you a live view of what is being captured. It goes beyond this, this high tech camera has an in-built set of microphones that can pick up and identify familiar and unfamiliar noise and voice recognitions. Smart camera uses an IR blaster and Bluetooth to control and manage your appliances from the mobile app.

  • Braava Jet Robot Mopper

A lot of times we are too busy to do our own cleaning and may not even spend enough time at home to realize how dusty the floors are. The Robot Mopper is the most efficient smart gadget for the job. It can mope up floors and tables. Its small size gives it access to small spaces and corners around the house. All you have to do is pour in some water in its chamber, attach a cleaning pad that suits your floor type then press play, the nimble robot goes to work, mopping up every nook and cranny. It can cover up to a hundred square feet in an hour and its batteries last for an hour and thirty minutes.

  • Panno S control panel

If you own a lot of smart gadgets in your home such as security cameras, microwaves, Wi-Fi, audio and video players and the likes, the Panno S can take full control of all your smart devices. It provides full automation system where you can manage all devices remotely. With a push of the button you can instantly transform your home creating the atmosphere you desire by synchronizing all the functions of your smart home gadgets on this control panel via the app. It is compatible with Apple devices.

  • Amazon Echo

This sweet piece of gadget executes your voice commands. It is literally your digital home assistant. It waits on your every word and does exactly what you want. Its functions include playing music, answering any question you may have on anything, its audio is Omni directional, it can hear your commands from a good distance using its powerful voice recognition receptor even in a noisy environment, it continually gets smarter as Alexa provides updates on all information, it is compatible with smart devices in the house and can be used to manage other devices as well.

  • LIFX

This is a brand of smart light bulbs. The great thing about this smart light bulb is that it can be managed with your device, it has a million option of colors and shades to choose from so you can literally give your room any color you desire, it uses far less energy than regular light bulbs, the light brightness can be adjusted, it comes with an inbuilt wifi, it is controlled via an app and through the cloud, it can be controlled remotely from anywhere.

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