Cool Hidden Tricks You Don’t Know Your Iphone Can Do

It is no news that the iphone is one of the most popular phones worldwide with crazy intricacies which can take a while to figure out and get used to. The Apple Company makes sure of that, and even when you think you have your phone all figured out and you can’t possibly have more to learn, it can still surprise you once in a while. You can imagine the look on some people’s faces when they figure out a cool new trick on their Apple device that they never knew.

“I have had this phone for a year and a half, am just figuring out this was possible! It’s like living with a stranger”

Here are some tips to rediscovering your iphone that you may not know;

  • Fixed focal point

One of the great things about the iphone is the camera quality. It is simply magnificent and that is really one of the reasons I would go for an iphone but while taking a quick picture one would need to tap the screen to get a focus, this is a bit of a time waster and moving your phone around while trying to get a clear focus certainly would not work. here is how to tackle that bit of a glitch, instead of a tap, rather hold on to the screen for about two seconds till you see an “AF Locked” pop-up, this automatically locks the screen focus and you can get a clear shot of anything you point your camera at.

  • Correcting Name pronunciations

Leaving the task to a virtual Brit to pronounce very complex non-English names might be a bit of a bugger, this would definitely add awkward humor and flavors to once serious names, but alas! There is a way to correct this Atrocity. When the virtual audio helper “Siri” pronounces a name wrongly, you can follow-up by saying “that’s not the correct pronunciation for; whatever the name was” this would prompt Siri to ask for a correction. This would ensure that the correct accent is used.

  • Save data consumption by locking apps

Not everyone knows this but your apps actually consume a large amount of data by just being accessible. The thing is that these apps constantly roam and tend to update themselves as well when there are new versions available. All these cut into your data and you keep asking yourself “did I download something while sleepwalking?” you can lock those apps you don’t frequently use and this would save you valuable data.

  • Charge your battery twice faster with a button push

There is one word teenagers who own phones do not like to hear, excuse me for the vulgar word, “flight mode.” There, I said it! As absolutely repulsive and disturbing as this word might sound, it can save you a lot of charging time. With one push of the button you can set your phone to flight mode and this would take out all communications, a complete lock down. No WIFI and all that, calm down it’s just for a few minutes. Your phone would charge up twice as fast and you are back to 100% in no time.

  • Customize incoming call vibrations

We are all fond of creating different ring tones for our contacts but what it our phones were on silent? Wouldn’t it be nice to have customized vibrations too? Well now you can! Simply choose a contact, click edit, go to vibration options and choose a customized one or even create a new vibration for yourself. This is probably more discreet as well.

  • Find better network signals by searching in the right place

Network fluctuations can be such a pain, especially when you are watching a video of a cute cat on the internet. Most people attempt to get better signal by climbing higher or going all the way to the top floor. You can do better on your iphone, simply dial *3001#12345#* on your iphone to switch to a field mode tool which provides you with a chart on network indicators. This indicator is based on numbers. You can then move your phone around to find out what space has the best number readings for better signals.

  • Hard reset

Some iphones can be reset by holding down the home button but not all iphones, specifically for iphone 7 which is a special case. If you have experienced this as well simply hold down the power button and the volume at the same time. It should automatically reset and normalize.

  • Customized an automated reply for missed calls

Missed calls are inevitable and can sometimes be a missed opportunity especially when the president is calling, but good news, you can customize a message to let people know you would get back to them soonest. Click settings> phone> and respond with a text, create your message and save.

What Tools Do I Need To Develop Android Apps

Modern technology has taken over the market with efficient tool and software that make life easier. Its crazy how there seems to be an app for everything these days, thanks to the efforts of highly innovative developers from every part of the world.

Creating android apps can be quite tasking and time consuming especially when you are not equipped with certain snippets of technology that can make your work seamless. Here is a comprehensive list of must-have tools for developing android apps;

  • Instabug

Getting feedback on the performance of an android app can help its developer to know how efficient the app has been and how user friendly it is. People would either write a feedback or share pictures or screen shots of glitches or successes they may have had from the download process to actual navigation and usage. This tool helps by embedding a feedback platform in your app to give users an easy way to provide feedback.

  • Source Tree

This tool is quite useful for beginners who are still a bit overwhelmed with the dynamics of Git. It gives you a clean slate and enables you visualize your work in a way more presentable format.

  • Genymotion

This tool started out as just an android emulator and stood out as the best. Today its functions transcend the duties of a regular android emulator. It runs a complete sequence as an advanced android app developer. It also conducts testing and deployment of apps.

  • Android Wi-Fi ADB

The sole advantage of this tool is wireless testing and operations. You can test run your app on your device with this tool to get the real feel of it using Wi-Fi. This beats having to connect with a computer using cables.

  • Drawable Optimizer

Size matters when it comes to developing apps. This app generally contributes to the management of file size by reducing the sizes of images used. It can do this and still retain the quality of these images and that’s what makes it an indispensable tool.

  • NimbleDroid

An auto test is always necessary after the development of an android app. This would ensure that there are no critical issues or operational and navigational problems that may be encountered by users. NimbleDroid is one of the best tools for this auto checkup.

  • Android Tool for Mac

This tool works with Mac systems for android app development. It provides bug reports in form of screen shots and video recordings of debug apps.

  • DevKnox

When developing an android app there is a need to ensure that all security measures is put in place against flaws. A dent in the security system can be disastrous when the app is out in the market. This tool carefully does an autocorrect on any loop holes and security gaps that may have been overlooked.

  • Fabric

A lot of people already use fabric as their preferred tool for android app development. It is quite popular and efficient; it offers tools which simplifies the process of app building.

  • Apk DeGuard

The reputation of this tool is quite impressive as it is widely used and stands as one of the best de-obfuscator for android app. It manages and analyses features in various apps to figure out their operations and how certain features work. It does this by inspecting codes and predicting libraries.

  • Flowup

Looking for a way to track the performance of your android app? This tool can provide you with much depth on the analytics and metrics such as disk usage, FPS, CPU usage and others which are key to determine functionality.

  • LeakCanary

The name speaks for itself in relation to detection of memory leak. This tool makes detection seamless and quick.

  • DryRun

This is another really useful tool for testing out an android app online. It is efficient and runs no risk.

  • Slide Code Highlighter

This would come in handy at a geek presentation where codes are shown-off and gazed at with admiration. This tool simply provides aesthetics to codes for technology talks and lectures, it is often found to be more professional in looks.

With these tools you are sure to have the best experience in building android apps. Try them out and see.

High Tech Home Gadgets That You Would Love To Have

Technology is a part of our everyday life, they can come as tools to make our work easier and faster or they can come as aesthetics; just a wow factor to create a spectacle. Either ways, technology has given us so many options on how to live an exotic stress-free life.

If you are a techie person and cannot do without a bit of technology around you, there are so many ways you can make your home and your personal space a techie zone. You can embed a few awesome gadgets in any part of your environment to give it a touch of class and genius. Here are some gadgets to consider;

  • Smart switches by Celiane NETATMO

Have you ever left the house with a few electronics on, like your iron and a few light bulbs? There is a better way to manage your home appliances to ensure that you have complete control over them from anywhere you are. With this gadget you can switch of any unnecessary electrical appliance that may have been left running and also switch them on automatically when you get home, a futuristic step right at your fingertips. You can sync this gadget with your mobile device by means of an app; this gives you a complete view of all home appliances. This gadget integrates with Siri, Alexa and Google assistant.

  • The Eight Smart Mattress

There are a lot of things we usually have to deal with when we go to bed such as what posture is best and what temperature the room is and even what time we would like to wake up. All these can be taken care of by the Eight Smart Mattress. It provides a comfortable support for sleepers and provides warmth at night; it even wakes you at the appropriate time. It comes in three versions and two set of controls. The Smart Mattress also schools you on the importance of exercise and how caffeine affects you sleep, pretty cool right?

  • Levitating Smart Camera

Personally I’d say this isn’t too far from alien technology. This moon shaped, home monitoring camera defies gravity by floating in mid-air while capturing a 360 view of the environs. This smart camera detects movements and automatically begins filming; this automatically sends an alert to your Smartphone, giving you a live view of what is being captured. It goes beyond this, this high tech camera has an in-built set of microphones that can pick up and identify familiar and unfamiliar noise and voice recognitions. Smart camera uses an IR blaster and Bluetooth to control and manage your appliances from the mobile app.

  • Braava Jet Robot Mopper

A lot of times we are too busy to do our own cleaning and may not even spend enough time at home to realize how dusty the floors are. The Robot Mopper is the most efficient smart gadget for the job. It can mope up floors and tables. Its small size gives it access to small spaces and corners around the house. All you have to do is pour in some water in its chamber, attach a cleaning pad that suits your floor type then press play, the nimble robot goes to work, mopping up every nook and cranny. It can cover up to a hundred square feet in an hour and its batteries last for an hour and thirty minutes.

  • Panno S control panel

If you own a lot of smart gadgets in your home such as security cameras, microwaves, Wi-Fi, audio and video players and the likes, the Panno S can take full control of all your smart devices. It provides full automation system where you can manage all devices remotely. With a push of the button you can instantly transform your home creating the atmosphere you desire by synchronizing all the functions of your smart home gadgets on this control panel via the app. It is compatible with Apple devices.

  • Amazon Echo

This sweet piece of gadget executes your voice commands. It is literally your digital home assistant. It waits on your every word and does exactly what you want. Its functions include playing music, answering any question you may have on anything, its audio is Omni directional, it can hear your commands from a good distance using its powerful voice recognition receptor even in a noisy environment, it continually gets smarter as Alexa provides updates on all information, it is compatible with smart devices in the house and can be used to manage other devices as well.

  • LIFX

This is a brand of smart light bulbs. The great thing about this smart light bulb is that it can be managed with your device, it has a million option of colors and shades to choose from so you can literally give your room any color you desire, it uses far less energy than regular light bulbs, the light brightness can be adjusted, it comes with an inbuilt wifi, it is controlled via an app and through the cloud, it can be controlled remotely from anywhere.

Useful Tools And Apps That Can Give Your Small Business A Boost

In my years of watching small businesses spring up I have come to realize certain things, one of which is, most small businesses that thrive and end up becoming great businesses with a large inflow of income are owned by entrepreneurs who have been able to effectively harness the knowledge and power of modern technology and social media tools. There are thousands of new and small scale businesses some of which may not stand the test of time and some of which have the potentials to become the next big thing.

In order for your business to thrive there are certain modifications that you need to make. It is no news that the internet is the most powerful force in this generation and it hoards deep secrets to successes of businesses which is soon to be unraveled.  To effectively run your small business and make profit, here are some necessary tools and apps that you might find useful;

  • PandaDoc

Documentation is a vital part of every business; it can come in a wide variety of format ranging from legal documents to certifications. In all, there is a lot of paperwork to be done and keeping up with all the formalities of contract documentation can be quite tasking. This is where the PandaDoc comes to the rescue. This tool is a platform used in managing large number of documents by digitalizing the process, making it easy to sieve through and work with. You can download this app online from the official website.

  • 15five

Some companies and NGOs require regular reporting on field activities and as the number of staffs grow it becomes difficult to manage reporting processes leading to a lot of work spill over and oversight. What you need is an app that enables you to manage team reports, enables your team to whip up easy and convenient reports regularly and have fun while doing it. 15five app does exactly that. It provides a means of getting reports from your team in an efficient manner; this would save you a lot of time and hassle.

  • ClickMeeting

The best way to grow your customers is by offering a live interactive session with some of them to provide adequate one-on-one information on your services. This would definitely make your business stand out. The ClickMeeting offers interactive video sessions with clients in form of a webinar to create a well integrated customer relationship platform which clients would definitely subscribe to.

  • FreshBooks

small businesses often handles a lot of financial transactions and without the aid of a certified accountant it may be quite difficult to balance financial records, leading to very complicated cash books with figures that don’t quite add up. This confusion can easily be avoided with the FreshBook app. What does it do? It is simple accounting software which is connected with the cloud so that you don’t lose any financial data. It is easy to use and can take care of all your little financial records and the best part is, you don’t have to be good at math to understand it.

  • Slack

Communication and effective collaboration is the bedrock of every organization. The ability to work together on projects and to maintain good communication to clarify instructions and to disperse relevant information at the appropriate time, with this in mind, slack app is the best tool for this level of communication. It is user friendly and works well for all forms of businesses.

  • Kajabi

Does your business come with tutorials? Do you lecture online on a particular subject matter? This tool is the most efficient way for you to manage your lecturing video tutorials and make good money off it. This app provides professionals with a platform to market their skills on video and sell them as digital products.

  • Mailchimp

Every business needs a good marketing strategy and one of the best marketing strategies for small businesses is email marketing. Email marketing involves sending a promotional mail to a large number of people at the same time, oh yes its perfectly legal. You can use mail chimp to advertise by sending newsletters and promos to a large number of potential clients.

Best Ways To Get Quality Followers On Social Network

When it comes to social networking, your followers are the tyres of your car, holding it up, supporting it, moving you and your business, in whatever directing you steer, they literally follow. That being said, there’s very little you can do without having quality followers and in large numbers too. Here are a few strategies to get quality followers in social networks:

  • Great Content

    The first most important rule in getting quality followers on social network is by captivating them with your content. If you are able to stop them each time they come across your post and hold their attention to it that surely means you’ve got some relevant content. You must know what they want to see, this can be achieved by monitoring the reactions in your previous posts and observing what posts or type of posts got more reaction, with that, you can make a mental note of what kinds of content are considered relevant.

  • Create a Balance

    It is important to place a balance between sharing other people’s posts and creating your own posts, you must try as much as you can to be original; this requires thoughtfulness and creativity on your part and will likely place you rewardingly in the category of the influencers. Posting shared contents once in a while removes the narcissist tag people may have placed on you seeing that you never share other people’s post. You also need to strike a balance between hard posts (seriousness) and soft posts (mood lighteners). Always strike a balance to avoid being stereotyped or too predictable.

  • Tag influencers

These influencers are more like the opinion leaders who have got a massive number of followers. Tagging them will increase the chances of your post being seen by a larger number of people. You are also making your post relevant by rubbing off their own relevance.

  • Add links

    Increase people’s ability to connect with you on other platforms and social media account, including your email, always provide these other accounts to broaden your online presence and gain more active followers.

  • Be active

    It is not just okay to post and share posts and disappear, you have to responsive and very quick about it; respond to people’s comments on your posts, answer their questions and  create interesting threads of conversation if they start one up. Overall, be like a 24 hours online customer service; never leave your followers unattended to and bee timely about it. What you need is a list of active people so when you get more active, like giving incentives and holding contests for liking and following your page or for participating in your request, you will be drawing the attention of other active people which will in turn increase the number of quality followers on your account.

  • Use relevant hash tags

    Use relevant hash tags that are trending so as to give importance to your post and have it surface when the hash tag is mentioned. This will increase the visibility of your post and the chances of you getting followed by more people.

  • Be trendy

    You might have very interesting content but there are numerous people out there who will mostly stop to look at a post that’s in line with what’s trending as they also wouldn’t like to drag behind. So it’s important that you know what’s trending at the moment and align your contents with it.

  • Be consistent

    If you do all of the above but you aren’t consistent, you do not keep it coming, and you may easily make an impression for the moment but will fizzle out in no time or be easily forgotten as long as you are away. You need to post constantly, make people look out for your posts. You need to continuously be trendy, strike a balance and be active, never stop or slow down, and I bet you, it’s a sure-fire way of keeping you followers and even non-followers at the edges of their seat waiting on something from you.

  • Buy active followers

    This is a sort of investment on your part, this is because when you buy real active followers, your outcome just doesn’t end in the immediately increased number of the followers by purchase but it leaves a bigger room for other non-followers to naturally follow you on the long run as well. So, this in my opinion is a great final move to getting quality followers on your social network.

Useful Tips On Data Security For Small Businesses

In the sustenance of any business, data security is very vital in ensuring continuity as the compromise of it could lead to huge consequences and may result in the overall death of the business. Once there is a security breach, you can be rest assured that there is a lingering of one or more of the following causes – fraud, hacking, misplacement of vital documents or even disclosure of information, deliberately or accidentally, by an insider.  In proffering solution for data security, it is important that these causes are brought into the light. Here are the tips for assuring data security in small businesses.

  • Don’t be a target

You need to understand why any hacker will go after the information you’ve got, or better still, know what exactly you need to protect from a hacker and guard it wholly. In many cases, if you can do without those information, for example, confidential details of your customers that may be implicating. Use less of their sensitive information in identifying them while running your business so that you will stay of the hackers’ radar.

  • Offer first hand protection

Ensure that paper documents are well kept in a safe place. Be wary of bad, clumsy employees as they are, in many cases, the culprit to most security breach. Make sure that all gadgets; laptops and tablets are protected with passwords. While storing sensitive information on your computers, the same information may not be advisable to store in any mobile devices, tablets, laptops and phones,this is because they travel and can be lost or stolen. Make sure the passwords are strong enough. Use unpredictable passwords and make sure it is mixed with digits as well. In order to be very sure that the password is still secret, have it changed from time to time. This may take a lot of dedication but I bet you it’s worth the hassles.

  • Do a thorough employee check

In view of the first point, it appears that you cannot thoroughly carry out your first hand protection all alone, your employees are to be a part of it, and in order to involve them, you need to establish a good level of trust for them. In order to ensure that your employees are really trustworthy, it is advisable to do a background check on them, especially on the newly employed ones. Ensure that they are clear of any criminal records otherwise, you may not know what to expect and that is going to be very risky for your small business.

  • Discard unwanted files properly

The case of accidental disclosure in many cases happen as a result of old, unwanted documents not being properly discarded. In devices and laptops, unwanted documents should be deleted from both its location and from the recycle bin. While unwanted hard copy documents should be thoroughly shredded before discarded, failure to take these measures could give room to fraud, or identity theft which is one of the worst types of scams to deal with, it could eat through your small business like a farm weevil undiscovered right before you realize it.

  • Basic internet protection

Make sure you are using a secure internet connection, spam filters and an up-to-date antivirus. Malware are not the only thing to worry about, Ransomware should be avoided by ensuring that the software and applications are frequently updated. It is also advisable not to go to untrusted, insecure sites or download from them, staying away from a problem is easier than solving it.

  • Use a cyber-security product

When you’ve done all of the above to ensure that the security of your small business is not compromised, there is still an additional insurance step you can take to be insured against data security breach, just in case it occurs. If by any chance the data security of your business is compromised, it will rather be too late to think of a solution, especially if the damage has already been done, but in insurances you can trust. It’s advisable to get protected from loses ahead of time. Cyber security products protect your laptop and other devices against damage from viruses and other attacks on your computer. It also helps pay for both system and data restoration costs. This is the final stop to the protection of your small business from a deadly data security

Simple Tips To Make Your Business Successful

In a modern society where competition exists amongst companies offering the same services, developing some ideas for business peculiarity may seem very difficult. Every entrepreneur’s aim is to maximize market strategies, breach gaps between producers and consumers, and achieve maximum profit at the end of the day. In order to make profit an entrepreneur would have to look deep into the market to find ways to stand out of the crowd, to provide services which no other competitor can top. Having understood the concept of competitiveness, there are different ways to make your business distinctive amongst other competitors:


For an entrepreneur to create significant influence in his business, they must think outside the box. There are chances that whatever idea you may come up with probably already exists. There are various products in the market; some products have similarities in functions. An entrepreneur should be able to look at the society in which they live in and find a gap in the market system which is yet to be filled. They determine what is lacking in the market. The entrepreneur might decide to create a similar product or service that is already popular in the market, but the difference can be the service, sales tactics, demographics, size and quantity, quality and structure, branding and packaging.


after a particular product is produced, it is important your customers know about your product. Customers want something new, something different from the status-quo. Customer’s knowledge of your product is of high importance. This is where social media and public relations play a vital role. Products can be advertised across all existing social media using all forms of media platforms and types, from written content to videos. This would create a significant buzz and get people talking about your product in no time. This may need a bit of financial investment but when done right; advertising will definitely give you the much needed boost that your competitors are lacking.


Determine the area you want to specialize in and stick to it so as to avoid a situation where there is a fluctuation in quality of product or service. Complete mastery of a skill is always required in order to be recognized.


Recreate your business in a unique way, let something set you apart from every other business especially those in your field. Creating promos’ and various forms of marketing strategies would get you noticed quickly.


this is a subset of a market where a particular product is focused. An entrepreneur should be able to identify the wants and needs of customers that haven’t been addressed by other competitors so as to satisfy the customers. This makes you prominent among your competitors.


Developing a meaningful relationship in the business world is the foundation to a successful venture. Create a good level of trust with your customers and employees, motivate your employees. Your business stands out when you have a good relationship with your employees and customers. It is said that your employees are your first customers and their satisfaction would drive a more productive business; this saying is completely correct.


Add value to your products. Give your customers the satisfaction of positively identifying your products from others in the market. Offer guarantees to your products and ensure honesty as to the goods and services you produce.


customers are highly sensitive to products they purchase from the market. If a problem is noticed in that product, they could easily write-off that product or give a negative feedback that might get into circulation.
Admitting to a mistake during production ensures an inferior product isn’t released into the market. Rather than sell these products to customers for fear of losing money spent on production, the problems should be resolved to avoid litigation of negative feedbacks.


Efficient and reliable customer service enhances good relationship between the entrepreneur, employees and customers. Therefore, you have to treat your customers delicately. Customers consider services rendered to them as a true test of a company’s capability.

Work Ethics – Things That Should Not Be Seen On Your Work Computer

Many times, in various kinds of job, the contents of the employee’s work computer are a measure of his/her devoutness and hard work to the job. Your work computer should necessarily contain your work and not peripherals, as a silent rule, an employee is expected to dedicate his entire time to the job during work hours and nothing else, not even your computer storage should say otherwise. Here is a list of things you should never store on your work computer:

  • Personal documents

    The gap between your personal documents and your office work should be kept sacredly wide, this is because you wouldn’t want personal stuff to intermingle with your office work, truth be told, if you were an employer that wouldn’t put a smile on your face. It can have more repercussions in the future than you can imagine. First, as a sign of regards to your job and your employer it is best to keep personal things in your personal laptop as that isn’t what you’re being paid for at work. Any signs of personal stuffs in your work computer can be considered very unprofessional and downright disrespectful to the job. Keeping away personal documents will also make your computer less likely to be jam-packed with things you won’t need at work and this will in turn ensure that your work computer is faster and has a lot of storage space. Consider also, the fact that your life is going to be bared out as soon as you are fired and still have a ton of personal documents, photos, videos on your work computer that you wouldn’t be given the chance to delete at the point of lay off.

  • Obscene materials

Whether it is your personal files in form of nude photos and videos or it is a random pornographic material off the internet, having the above point in mind, this one is almost as bad as a capital offence, the effect when discovered is alarming and it is downright intolerable. Apart from you doing or keeping something besides your work, your image as an employee is prone to be rubbed in mud and you will be considered a top-class pervert for the records, now, that is something irredeemable added to that little sack letter.

  • Anything that reveals your side job

It is very likely that most jobs already have their own competitors in the market place, a business threat, but you, dear employee, are not supposed to be the competitor, the threat. It is wise not to make your employer jealous, you don’t have to rub your devotion to some other job on their faces by having it right there in your work computer. Keep both hustle from intermingling and make them feel both individually important, hey, it kind of sounds like double dating right? Wrong. This is your career, you get paid for it and most people in your personal life will be proud to hear of it, don’t mess it up.

  • Addictive computer activities

Some days at work you feel that urge to quickly and harmlessly look through your personal social media account and see how many people commented on that charming little photo you posted last night, I tell you, your mind is working against you, it’s a set up dear employee, don’t do it! This is particularly for those addicted to their social media.

You are going to log on to Facebook thinking you’ve got one spare minute for it and then you’ll end up taking up a couple of hours, watching those tempting humorous video clips or checking out your crush’s throwback pictures. I repeat, don’t!  If you are a computer games freak, it’s good you have an innocent little means of escape, I’m proud of you, but you know what? Not right there sweetheart, you’re at work for Pete’s sakes! Video games are one of the world’s biggest addiction, you don’t want to need to cross that challenging level in your computer game and be caught in a dilemma of losing all you’ve worked for, both in the virtual world and in your real world, watch out for your boss, better still, don’t just have those damn games on your work computer!

  • Secrets

I know you may be thinking these are company secrets so they are acceptable on your work computer, right? You’ve never been more wrong. Imagine if your employer or superior comes across them on your work computer, don’t think they’ll be proud you have them, they’ll probably first think ‘if we can stumble across these, then so can anyone else’. This can lead to security breach, identity theft and fraud if they get into the wrong hands. It’s best not to leave secrets vulnerable to exposure to anyone else, people can snoop, information can get out and you wouldn’t want to be the one to make that a reality. In addition, if you must store your own personal secrets, then it should stay on your personal laptop.